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Anywhere in America. Any time of year. Everyone should be able to find help.

Hungry families can only get help from places they know about. That’s where we come in.

It seems obvious, but the first step in getting help from any social service program is knowing that it’s out there. FoodFinder exists to bridge that gap – connecting the people looking for emergency food to the programs and places that offer it.

A Different Approach to Fighting Hunger

FoodFinder’s website and app act as food pantry locators that show you when and where to get free food assistance in your area. The interactive map on our home page is a map of food pantries nearby – every red pin you see is a food assistance program nearby. Tap on one to see when they give away food!

A Passion Project Turned Nationwide Nonprofit

Jack Griffin was just a high schooler in 2013 when he tried and failed to find a food pantry to volunteer at near his home in Georgia. He realized that if he was having this much trouble finding a food pantry, what were people who truly need emergency food assistance supposed to do?”

Our service exists for one simple reason: it is unacceptable that food insecure individuals have to jump through so many hoops just to get help for them and their families.

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I am shocked at what the Rosedale Food Bank gave me. They made me feel welcome and very at ease. I have never felt such gratitude. after being a nurse for 38 years, on disability, and my husband dying, I have found a new true sense of being lucky.

Cheryl, FoodFinder User

Join Us

Our vision is one where every person in America can put food on the table, even in hard times. However, more than 40 million Americans are still food insecure. FoodFinder is here to get folks the help they need in an easy, fast, and dignified manner, but we need YOUR help to continue serving our neighbors in need.

Every $10 dollars you donate to FoodFinder helps us reach and serve 200 people nationwide with our platform. Join us on our journey to end hunger in America using the links below!

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